Eugen Rochko

Founder of @Mastodon. Film photography, prog metal, Dota 2.

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Dr. Victoria Grinberg

You are never unobserved when running through the city... 😼

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Eugen Rochko
1 day ago
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David BureΕ‘

Do you struggle with modern slang? Are you confused by stuff like "level 5" and "rizzler"?

If yes, my new app is right for you! Rizzference has just entered public TestFlight, so give it a try before anyone else:

It can:
- Pull slang out of an entire sentence + define multiple words at once
- Do πŸ‘† through Shortcuts
- Show multiple possible definitions for words
- Run on and

Built in for iOS 17 and macOS 13

1 day ago
Eugen Rochko

Watching old movies that were shot on actual film brings me so much joy now. Such beautiful colors. It’s downright relaxing. I’m tired of the over saturated digital look almost every new production has nowadays.

2 days ago
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Sarah Perez πŸ’™

Twitter is just Gab now

2 days ago