Brendan Halpin

Sociologist in Limerick

Mostly playing with unrealistic computer models of real world processes

Emacs, Stata, Shiny & Rstats, Julia, Python

Linux on the desktop since about 1997

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Brendan Halpin

OK, after 3 or 4 unsatisfactory interactions with the editorial management system, the review has been sent by e-mail.

If that doesn't work, well, what a pity...

May 06, 2024
Brendan Halpin

There is now a backend for

I can now create interactive PlotlyJS graphics directly from Stata:

sysuse auto
jl save auto
jl: using PlotlyJS
jl: trace1 = PlotlyJS.scatter3d(z=auto.price, x=auto.mpg, y=auto.weight)
jl: savefig(PlotlyJS.plot(trace1), "pjstest.html")

May 06, 2024