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Brendan Halpin

Information Kessler Syndrome: the concept we didn't know we needed

May 09, 2024
Brendan Halpin

The European Social Survey carries 6 questions on immigration every wave, 3 on willingness to accept immigrants, 3 on immigration's effect on the country.

Some UK pol scientists don't like to consider the RW UK press as a significant factor in political attitudes.

Before Brexit, the RW press demonised immigration. After, they relaxed.

These are the mean values on the 6 vars for the UK. Wave 8 fieldwork started Oct 2016, not long after the referendum.

May 08, 2024
Brendan Halpin

Just home from the premier of a cracking play at Limerick's Belltable:

(Includes a brief history of urban Limerick from 1983 to 2024)

May 07, 2024