Brandon Jones

Why is it that US politics always feels like:

This Democratic candidate was ousted from their seat after comments that they like cats were seized on by the dog lovers community, despite issuing a statement saying that they love dogs too.

In other news, this Republican candidate easily secured another term despite controversy surrounding a video of them kicking puppies. In a post on social media they said "Puppy kicking has a long history in my family, and I'm proud to take part in it."

June 26, 2024
Brandon Jones

Encountered the worst VR experience I've seen to date over the weekend.

On the last day of a family vacation we visited the Museum of Flight near Seattle, WA. Overall it was a great experience! But there was an "Spacequest VR" experience that cost extra ($10 a person) that was terrible in so many ways.

I had no interest in it, but someone in our group bought tickets for everyone while I was in the restroom so I did it anyway. Thread: 1/7

June 24, 2024
Brandon Jones

It only took how many years for Nintendo to make Zelda the protagonist of a Zelda game? 😅 Still, this looks fun (and potentially breakable in a Tears of the Kingdom way). Plus I really love the Link's Awakening visual style!

June 18, 2024