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Feel it, love it 🥰

4 days ago
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Mx Kestrel ᓚᘏᗢ

Very sad to learn Raymond Pun won't be stepping into the role of President-Elect of ALA after all, I was excited for his presidency. I hope he's ok though.

1 day ago
franny gaede
⚠️ bridgerton season 3 part 2 spoilers ⚠️

queer historical romance is my everything and the chemistry between first eloise and cressida, then benedict and paul, THEN francesca and michaela (gender swap! gender swap!) — be still my fluttering pansexual heart. 💖💛💙

1 day ago
franny gaede

i got better

1 day ago
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Justin Ferrell

I tried this last year and it didn't happen but it's worth another shot! My 2y/o son (US, WV/OH) is waiting for a kidney transplant. We've known since he was born that Ripley would need a once he was big enough but every donor, include myself, has been knocked out of consideration. We've come *so* close to finding a donor but it has not happened yet. If you or someone you know would have any interest in being screened, you can visit

Boosts appreciated!

January 29, 2024
franny gaede

to the tune of pink floyd’s “money”:

pollen / it’s a grass

that’s all i have so far, but i thought it was pretty good. 🤧

2 days ago
franny gaede
spoilers for rebel moon part two if anyone cares about those sorts of things?

it was still Not Good and i was still entertained despite myself. it kept my brain occupied during my restitching session and that all i wanted. in conversation with star wars, 😬. it’s not a favorable comparison.

plasma swords are cool and kora’s actor is a beautiful human being who i never tire of looking at. the skyscapes are gorgeous and robot king voiced by anthony hopkins getting a paycheck is a hoot and i wish he was in every scene. it was better than the first and i will watch the third. 🤷🏻

2 days ago
franny gaede
light #theacolyte spoilers through episode 3

thoughts so far: all of the droids are too perfect for this world and pip is the second best screwdriver in sci-fi after the sonic. i was not prepared for how utterly terrifying i would find a force-wielding wookiee.

there had best be lots more flashbacks because carrie ann moss is my queen. yord gives me real d&d paladin vibes and i keep waiting for the effects folks to make his cloak flutter a la xenk in the d&d movie.

we all shrieked when abigail thorn showed up in the last episode and had to rewind it twice so we could actually hear her speak. yay! (go watch philosophy tube if you don’t know of whom i speak — they’re all amazing

3 days ago
franny gaede

i started a huge project yesterday. 1 stitch off. 400 must go. yes, i'm fine.

4 days ago
franny gaede

went to go see this weekend. fury road is on my all-time favorite list. this is not, but i was entertained. here are a handful of review-type thoughts

it was character & plot driven, which i can’t believe i’m saying about a mad max movie. anya taylor-joy does cypher so well, but there was rather a lot of even bb-ier furiosa at the beginning. kids in this universe make me so uncomfortable. we are emphasizing the pre in prequel. is chris hemsworth really just thor now? no capes.

5 days ago
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My begonia is about 25 years old. When it gets bruised or bumped, I root and plant the fallen bits, then give them away.

Edit: plant ID is "Beefsteak Begonia", . The internet says it is one of the earliest hybrids, from Germany in 1845.

March 13, 2024
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Trevor Owens

Interesting new article for anyone interested in digital history issues -> “Between automated memory and history: blocking ‘sensitive locations’ from Apple Memories”

March 12, 2024
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When eight-year-old Emma Glenfield wanted to know more about why magpies swoop at people, her teacher (Luke Carr) encouraged her to gather data and analyse it.

She noted that the birds seemed to target tall balding men, and created an online survey with the help of her mum. The survey went viral, with over 30,000 respondents.

The results, as shown in a brilliant Lego graph, demonstrated that the birds do target balding men more frequently (with less than 1% margin of error, thanks to the large sample size).

"According to magpie expert Darryl Jones, professor emeritus at Griffith University, it's the first time anyone has ever examined the link between magpie swooping and appearance."

The ABC article includes more details, along with this excellent Lego graph (and other great pictures).

January 10, 2024
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Mikko Tolonen

Helsinki Digital Humanities Hackathon 2024 application period begins Wednesday 13 March 2024: Meanwhile, check this year's logo!

March 11, 2024